Please find below the Club 200Club winners for January, February, March and April 2024.


£100     (No. 27)             Alan Roberts

£50       (No. 90)             Claire Ratcliffe

£25       (No. 83)             Ian Harrison


£100     (No. 60)             Nicola Campbell

£50       (No. 25)             Paul Fitton

£25       (No. 66)             Rick Wilkinson


£100     (No. 135)            Phil Singleton

£50       (No. 119)            U15’s Syndicate

£25       (No. 32)              Barry Owen


£100     (No. 33)              Margaret Sharpe

£50       (No. 41)              Arthur O’Mahony

£25       (No. 75)              Arthur Mold

The 200Club is administered by the Claret & Gold Association and currently has around 170 Members. Proceeds from this are used by the C&Gs for various projects within the Club. The C&Gs have raised over £100,000 since inception and have helped fund many of the systems we take for granted nowadays.

If we can get this up to 200 Members we can increase the monthly prizes and the 6 monthly special prizes.

The cost is £4 per month and anyone wishing to be part of this fundraising lottery can contact Trevor Lewis on